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Who are we ?

  • Impact Recrutement TI puts the satisfaction of its clientele at the very heart of all its decisions. We accompany our clients from start to finish in the recruitment process and we are heavily invested in the needs and realities of each individual client. Our two founders’ areas of expertise compliment each other perfectly. For over 20 years, Svetlana Litvin has worked in immigration while Sebastien de Grandpre has worked in software architecture and development. Impact Recrutement TI has agents and partners in multiple countries in Europe, Africa (both anglophone and francophone speaking countries), and Latin America.
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  1. To attract, train, and develop the skills of individuals whose talents lie in the fields of information and technology, from all over the world, in a way that is both professional and ethical with the goal of working on technology projects in North America.
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  • Solution
    Faced with the difficulties of finding in-province talent, we have chosen both recent and future immigrants as the response to the current labour market shortfalls
  • Innovation
    We innovate by counseling and training our candidates on the finer points of technologies that are currently in high demand
  • Immigration
    Sourcing talent from existing local talent pools is not a long term solution; by contrast, through the rigorous testing and training of future immigrants, we look to bring new life and new ideas to the area
  • Impact
    Our initiative will have two main branches:
    1) We aim to directly aid in candidates’ cultural and professional integration in order to enrich the expertise of our clients’ teams and rapidly add value to clients’ businesses
    2) We also intend to enhance the quality of life of our immigrant candidates and their families
  • Integration
    We pay particular attention to the adaptation of our candidates to the realities and values of their new home through cultural training sessions (ie. Bill 101, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the rights of women, etc.)
  • Sustainable Development of Performance and Quality
    We offer high-performing candidates who produce quality work and will reliably perform over the long term
  • Teamwork
    We promote the idea of teamwork and collectivity throughout the Impact Recrutement TI community
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Business Services

  1. Understand clients’ needs
  2. Job postings on online recruiting websites
  3. Candidate Rankings: full-bodied and psychometric test, available on request
  4. Pre-selection of possible candidates
  5. Interviews and choices of top candidates
  6. Validation of employment references
  7. Criminal record checks, available on request
  8. Training and integration plan regarding North American cultural assimilation
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Candidate services

  1. Career orientation
  2. Skills evaluation and validation
  3. Training, available on request
  4. Aid for immigrant candidates and their families to settle in their new homes: airport pick-up, housing, bank accounts, cell phones, schools/daycares, spousal work, etc.
  5. Integration of the candidates and their families into the Impact Recrutement TI community
  6. Guidance and aid for the candidate during the employment integration period
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The Impact Recruitment TI Difference

  1. Reliable and rigorous process in the field of personnel management (planning and analysis of staffing needs, recruitment, well-rounded technical selection, reception and integration) adapted to the needs of each client and business
  2. Quick and simple integration into local business culture (see ‘Values’)
  3. Continued professional support
  4. At the vanguard of new, highly in-demand tools and technologies
  5. A culture of creativity and innovation
  6. Pan-continental pool of potential recruits
  7. Team-wide commitment to sharing of knowledge and experience
  8. Deep understanding and experience of the North American market and how it operates
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